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Wondering what we're working on lately? Currently we are working on creating a strong financial foundation, preparing for a move to North Carolina (goal date: summer 2013), slowly building up a collection of spooky items, and starting our foray into miniature models.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Running To Do List

This is our running to-do list, in roughly chronological order, as we work towards this goal of opening our awesome bar. If anyone has experience in any of these areas, or suggestions on any of these items, or thinks we should add / move / remove anything, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!
get restaurant running book
get a book about business plans
make up a business plan (ch. 5)
research the area and competition
find a realtor
look into bartending school - cost and length of course
find advisors - accountants, lawyers, etc (ch. 3)
find out timelines for permits (ch. 3)
clean up our current house / pack stuff for moving
list current house for rent
set up temporary office / living space
get info on liquor license (ch. 3)
develop logos, trademarks and brand (ch. 4 and 6)
set up bank accounts
find funds (ch. 3)
buy the place
research computer sysems (ch. 12)
look into credit card processors
look into payroll systems 
set up utilities (BEFORE moving in or starting any construction)
complete papers for permits and licenses
find a contractor (ch. 4)
get construction going
review plans for BOH, FOH and exterior (ch. 6)
research equipment suppliers
source equipment (ch. 7)
work on manuals, job descriptions, etc
order needed equipment
order tables, chairs, etc
purchase POS system
start hiring process (ch. 6)
investigate phone systems and companies
finalize menus and hours
research pest control
review resumes
source food and drink suppliers
bartending school?
revise advertising and promotion plan
research music options
create a training schedule
order merchandise (to sell) and uniforms

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