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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking At Properties, Part Three

front facade / upstairs windows
The third property we saw was also in downtown Mount Carroll. Location wise it was also in a good spot; it was half a block down from the bank building we'd seen previously (and about half a block up from the bar that started this whole crazy dream of ours). It is listed at $75,000 and says it has 2093 square feet.

"Prime storefront location in the heart of downtown historic Mt. Carroll. Beautiful 1850 building with large display windows and excellent street visibility. Exterior wood trim was painted in 2005. Maple wood floor; barn board covered side walls for display area. New rubber roof 2002, new flashing 2007. New furnace in 2005. C/A in 2000. Small kitchen with refrigerator, sink, stove, and counter top. Appliances not warranted by seller."

view down the street. The bar we love is across the street.
This building previously housed a small cafe / espresso shop, fairly recently. It had apartment space upstairs but the realtor had no idea when those had last been used. (Not very recently, would be my guess!)

The downstairs area was very cute - in decent shape, with nice floors and a cute semi-exposed brick wall; the back area was a little out of shape though and there was no real kitchen. There also wasn't much room for a decent kitchen. Additionally, this was one of the smallest spaces we saw (if not THE smallest), and we just want something bigger. It would be hard to get the bar AND restaurant in this space.

nice floors

love the exposed brick

not very big inside though :(

the kitchen area is TINY

the back room could use some work

The apartments upstairs? Well... they were pretty much gutted and ready to be redone, I'll give them that much. I have no idea how long they've been in disrepair, and we'd probably just turn that whole thing into our living space and not have a rental unit if we took this building (again, due to size). Since that isn't really what we'd like to do, this building is pretty much off our list.

heading upstairs

hmm. nice walls.


well at least it's KINDA gutted...

oh dear, PLEASE don't fall through the floor...

talk about a project...

where would we live while the work is being done?

this would make a great bedroom, right, Drake? (he says HECK NO MOM)

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